This guide includes overview information regarding the various Clojure development tools available.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (including images & stylesheets). The source is available on Github.

Editors & IDEs

Editors and IDEs are listed below in alphabetical order.


Eclipse is an industrial-strength Java-based IDE.

See our Eclipse tutorial for more info.


GNU/Emacs is a full-featured programmable editor.

See our Emacs tutorial to get started.


jEdit is an easy-to-use GUI text editor written in Java. Although it comes out of the box with some Clojure support, you'll need to install the LispIndent plug-in to get good indentation support.

The easiest way this author has found to install jEdit is to just download and run the Java-based installer (jar file). After that, follow the excellent instructions in the LispIndent README.

Two configuration recommendations for after you've installed LispIndent: In "Plugins --> Plugin Options --> LispIndent pane":

  • in the "File Ending Options" area, make sure the box is checked so that this plug-in is used only for clj/cljs files, and
  • to set up LispIndent specifically for Clojure, click the "Use Preset" button and select "Clojure" in the pop-up.


Vim is an efficient and full-featured text editor.

See our Vim tutorial for more info.