This guide covers:

  • The Official Clojure mailing lists
  • IRC channel
  • Documentation sites
  • Clojure User Groups around the globe
  • Conferences about or related to Clojure
  • Various Community sites about Clojure (subreddit, etc)

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Clojure Mailing Lists

Clojure IRC Channels

Main Channel

#clojure on

Channel logs are available at and

Documentation Channel

#clojure-doc on



User Groups

Videos About Clojure

Videos of talks about Clojure are often made available on InfoQ, and Clojure YouTube channel.

Podcasts About Clojure

Code Repositories

Most folks host their projects at GitHub, and most pure Clojure library distributions (with the exception of contrib) are available at Clojars.




In no particular order:

Email Newsletters


Core development

See the Clojure Confluence wiki for full details on how core development is handled.

Coordination of development efforts happen on the development mailing list, on the Confluence wiki, and make use of the JIRA bug and issue tracker.

Although Clojure and the contrib libraries all have homes at GitHub, pull-requests are not accepted. All core development happens via JIRA, patches and the Confluence wiki.